The Burn Out Radio show Rebrand ,Campaign and promo

The Burn Out radio show was priorly on FMJ 99.6 with Dj Awar and Paul Selah and with its continued excellence earned it self a new home at 96.6 Spirit FM with Dj A War single handedly hosting the show.We conducted its entire rebrand and conducted a massive over ten day long social media campaign . We are additionally are the premium brand manager with Mr.Enigmatic.

The Burn Out-New Ad

The Burn Out-New Ad 2

The Burn Out-New Ad 3-prime time

The Burn Out-New Ad 3

TBO Transformation

New Burn Out Poster

The Burn out-SpiritFM -4-Support Artwork 3

The Burn out-SpiritFM -3

The Burn out-SpiritFM -1

The Burn out-SpiritFM -2


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