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Decree2819 Project

The Decree2819 Project – The Afro-Asian Commission

Decree2819 is a dual continent project (Africa & Asia) stemming from Every Nation Church Malaysia (ENCM) with conceptualization direction of G-52 Inspirational, this project is themed on Mathew 28:19 that focuses on Christ’s great commission of making disciples of all nations.

The Uniqueness of this project is the unification of different countries like Malaysia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Nigeria & Philippines on one purposeful theme and create three urban centric songs in genres of Hip hop, RnB and EDM.

The Success of the project was made possible with close partnership with Worship Harvest Church Uganda , Water Brook Church Kenya and the Christian Rap artists like Ernest Rush (Uganda) and Xpo (Kenya).


  1. This Love – Written by Neil Batiancila .Vocalists : Sybil Bock,Jem Rebancos & Ronny Charles.
  2. The Light – Written by Neil Batiancila ,Ernest Rush & Xpo . Vocalists: Ernest Rush ,Ronny Charles & Xpo
  3. I give my heart to you – Written by : Neil Batiancila – Vocalists Sybil Bock, Ronny Charles


A special thanks to the team:

  1. Samuel Kamugisha (Uganda) – Project Manager & Concept Developer
  2. Ronny Charles (Tanzania) – Producer/Vocalist
  3. Clara Chin (Malaysia) – Graphics Lead
  4. Brandon Waswani (Kenya) – Digital Illustrator
  5. Sybil Bock (Namibia) – Vocalist
  6. Jem Rebancos (Philippines)   – Vocalist
  7. Ekerin Oluseye (Nigeria) -Video Editor
  8. Ernest Rush (Uganda) – Christian Rap Artist
  9. Dennis Xpo Nzuki (Kenya – Christian Rap Artist

Oversight Team

  1. Bernard Chia (Malaysia) – Intern Pastor Every Nation Church Cyberjaya
  2. Gideon Koh (Malaysia) – First worship Leader Every Nation Church Cyberjaya
  3. Neil Batiancila (Philippines)  – Worship Director Every Nation Church Malaysia
  4. Kelvin Lim (Malaysia) – Worship Pastor Every Nation Church Malaysia