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Decree2819 Project

The Decree2819 Project – The Afro-Asian Commission

Decree2819 is a dual continent project (Africa & Asia) stemming from Every Nation Church Malaysia (ENCM) with conceptualization direction of G-52 Inspirational, this project is themed on Mathew 28:19 that focuses on Christ’s great commission of making disciples of all nations.

The Uniqueness of this project is the unification of different countries like Malaysia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Nigeria & Philippines on one purposeful theme and create three urban centric songs in genres of Hip hop, RnB and EDM.

The Success of the project was made possible with close partnership with Worship Harvest Church Uganda , Water Brook Church Kenya and the Christian Rap artists like Ernest Rush (Uganda) and Xpo (Kenya).


  1. This Love – Written by Neil Batiancila .Vocalists : Sybil Bock,Jem Rebancos & Ronny Charles.
  2. The Light – Written by Neil Batiancila ,Ernest Rush & Xpo . Vocalists: Ernest Rush ,Ronny Charles & Xpo
  3. I give my heart to you – Written by : Neil Batiancila – Vocalists Sybil Bock, Ronny Charles


A special thanks to the team:

  1. Samuel Kamugisha (Uganda) – Project Manager & Concept Developer
  2. Ronny Charles (Tanzania) – Producer/Vocalist
  3. Clara Chin (Malaysia) – Graphics Lead
  4. Brandon Waswani (Kenya) – Digital Illustrator
  5. Sybil Bock (Namibia) – Vocalist
  6. Jem Rebancos (Philippines)   – Vocalist
  7. Ekerin Oluseye (Nigeria) -Video Editor
  8. Ernest Rush (Uganda) – Christian Rap Artist
  9. Dennis Xpo Nzuki (Kenya – Christian Rap Artist

Oversight Team

  1. Bernard Chia (Malaysia) – Intern Pastor Every Nation Church Cyberjaya
  2. Gideon Koh (Malaysia) – First worship Leader Every Nation Church Cyberjaya
  3. Neil Batiancila (Philippines)  – Worship Director Every Nation Church Malaysia
  4. Kelvin Lim (Malaysia) – Worship Pastor Every Nation Church Malaysia

Reach4Life – New song & Evangelical Movement

Reach4Life is a decision that this song is encouraging for and for it to be carried out on a daily basis to reach out and spread the gospel of Jesus,a gospel that gives life . This project features six Kenyan gospel artistes like: Annette Tenaya, Rufftone, Saint P, Alice Kamande, Jill Pill, X-po and Produced By Saint P .

This is the good news that these 6 amazing artists are saying to you. The God who created you calls you to Himself, that He may show you why he gave you all those things.

“Your time, your mind, your personality, your ideas, your gifts, your talents your relationships and your resources were all given to you for his Glory. You are God’s best. Do not live the life of a spectator, watching others do great things. Forsake that which is in your past, move forward as you make this decision to become the best you that this world will ever see, Christ in you the Hope of Glory!”


Frequency Yake-Kamlesh Kagaba

Frequency Yake-Kamlesh’s New Song

Frequency Yake is a project initiated by Patrick Kagaba aka Kamlesh Kagaba ,this project is themed  on tuning to the frequency of God; the core message in the song to the society is staying connected to God since He is the Source.


Godliness and excellence is a passion that grips the heart of Kamlesh Kagaba , a passionate servant of the Lord and an Einstein in  rap and spoken word poetry who teamed up with the super talented Mohwaz Ngize, a Kenyan born , American (Boston Massachusetts) based rapper & music professional with over 10 years experience as an artiste  and currently making major strides in the USA with an authentic African Holy Hip Hop sound ,on the track also are  Kerah Kerangi from the Kenyan legendary ‘Gospel Fathers’ group based in USA – Florida and the phenomenon singer Kwame laced the first part of the Chorus.

Theme Scriptures

•John 15: 4   “Abide in me and I in you. As the Branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in me”.
• Matthew 7:8 “For everyone that asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”


The track is the 4th official single released off Kamlesh Kagaba ’s Breaking News album – instrumental by Limelight beats, audio recorded and mastered at 57 Mics (Boston) and Def-Pound Africa (Kenya), Video directed by Tosh of Monakey Pictures – USA and Blessed Joe of cream Vision Films- Kenya.

BREAKING NEWS: New Kamlesh album

Patrick Kagaba AKA Kamlesh Kagaba in partnership with Urban Light Recordings is slated to release his album and it  highlight the various misplaced priorities we have in our society with a view to give practical solutions that can jolt us back to consider and esteem the important things in life.Read More