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Decree2819 Project

The Decree2819 Project – The Afro-Asian Commission

Decree2819 is a dual continent project (Africa & Asia) stemming from Every Nation Church Malaysia (ENCM) with conceptualization direction of G-52 Inspirational, this project is themed on Mathew 28:19 that focuses on Christ’s great commission of making disciples of all nations.

The Uniqueness of this project is the unification of different countries like Malaysia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Nigeria & Philippines on one purposeful theme and create three urban centric songs in genres of Hip hop, RnB and EDM.

The Success of the project was made possible with close partnership with Worship Harvest Church Uganda , Water Brook Church Kenya and the Christian Rap artists like Ernest Rush (Uganda) and Xpo (Kenya).


  1. This Love – Written by Neil Batiancila .Vocalists : Sybil Bock,Jem Rebancos & Ronny Charles.
  2. The Light – Written by Neil Batiancila ,Ernest Rush & Xpo . Vocalists: Ernest Rush ,Ronny Charles & Xpo
  3. I give my heart to you – Written by : Neil Batiancila – Vocalists Sybil Bock, Ronny Charles


A special thanks to the team:

  1. Samuel Kamugisha (Uganda) – Project Manager & Concept Developer
  2. Ronny Charles (Tanzania) – Producer/Vocalist
  3. Clara Chin (Malaysia) – Graphics Lead
  4. Brandon Waswani (Kenya) – Digital Illustrator
  5. Sybil Bock (Namibia) – Vocalist
  6. Jem Rebancos (Philippines)   – Vocalist
  7. Ekerin Oluseye (Nigeria) -Video Editor
  8. Ernest Rush (Uganda) – Christian Rap Artist
  9. Dennis Xpo Nzuki (Kenya – Christian Rap Artist

Oversight Team

  1. Bernard Chia (Malaysia) – Intern Pastor Every Nation Church Cyberjaya
  2. Gideon Koh (Malaysia) – First worship Leader Every Nation Church Cyberjaya
  3. Neil Batiancila (Philippines)  – Worship Director Every Nation Church Malaysia
  4. Kelvin Lim (Malaysia) – Worship Pastor Every Nation Church Malaysia

53rd Uganda Independence Campaign

Uganda will be celebrating its 53rd Independence on the 9th of October and in celebration we have crafted an all Ugandan gospel mix( Amen in HD8 – The 53rd UG independence Edition) with cocktail of artists and gospel music from my mother land,the mix was crafted on the theme of Isaiah 43:19 that states ” See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” that is a proclamation of newness by God and doing of impossibilities to create a fresh start.

The Featured artist for Amen in HD 8 is Juliet Meeme ,who is a Uganda born and based gospel artist who has been in the industry since 2010 and delivered to scene songs like berangawo,oliwamanyi,agenda kunyamba and many others.Her song Tusomoka is the featured song on the mix and the message behind it states,no matter your past,God remains able to make you successful in the present as long as you believe.


The celebration of 53rd Ugandan independence cannot be complete  without remarks from it’s fellow country men and women stating their pride in their nation and they are as follows:

40 Barz by XPO

Here is a new track by XPO a Kenyan Based Christian Rapper and its called 40 barz  we have worked in close partnership with two radios in Uganda(The Joyride show on 98.7 Alpha FM with Mike Presson and Nancy & The Burn out on 99.6 FMJ with Dj A War and Paul Selah) to have the song premiered live and below is its meaning.


40 Barz is a song of transitions.

Having stayed too long for a season, we need to successfully move into the next season or else we may stand to lose a lot.Through the different seasons we have in our lives, sometimes we feel stuck when we desire to get to the next phase of life.

This song is for the person who feels stuck in their current situation in life. Like the Man who was a cripple at the pool of Bethesda, he waited for 38 years to get healed.

Often we have had to wait patiently for the forthcoming better season. This song paints the picture perfectly for the listener. There is an attitude we need to possess as we are in that waiting period. Hallelujah Jesus came!

It took the power of Christ to release the man from 38 years of bondage.  That same Jesus is alive today and will release you from the pit.40 Barz is a song for the one who has held a dream in their hearts and has waited too long for it to happen.

Your turn of success is just around the corner. When it comes, remain faithful.  Keep doing the things you did to get there.



La Celebracion Radio Tour with Dj S-kam Zac

We partnered with three radio stations and conducted a radio tour for three weeks and upon its completion Dj S-kam Zac complied a mix that captured his live mix segments on the respective radio shows.This radio tour was crafted in celebration of Dj S-kam Zac’s birthday and a celebration of the life God gave him.Additionally it’s theme verse was  Psalms 34 :1.Read More

Amen in 10D

Amen in 10D is a gospel mix compiled by 10Djs who independently made their mixes with the guidance of the Holy Spirit of which songs to play.Amen is an affirmation statement and the decoded meaning of Amen in 10D is a 10 Dj affirmation to promote the Gospel of christ to all ends of the earth through music of various genre categories.So 10D stands for 10 Djs/10th Dimension.In the book of Joshua Chapterr 6,the walls of jericho collapsed by the power of God commanded and directed sound that the israelites produced through shouting and the blowing of horns,well in this context we are using our God given gift of sound organisation to shake the walls of principalities and evil as God being our guide.Read More

The Eternity riddim-African release

God gave us all Unique gifting’s ,talents and all Christians are unique parts of the body of Christ who were all crafted by God with a sole purpose of worship especially of God. The Christ Centric Unity project is developed on the basis of John 17:22-23 which calls for one-ness in Christ and verse 23 explains Christ as being the most perfect form of unity.Read More

Djs Communion – Air J1721

Djs Communion – Air J1721 is a collabo mix(Part of the Mixdown series ) of Dj S-kam Zac of G-52 Inspirational from Uganda and Dj X-One from Nigeria.The Mix was crafted on a theme verse of John 17:21-23 that speaks of ones and unity centered around Christ and it states” I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one:I in them and you in me. May they be brought to complete unity” This calls upon all Christians to be united as one body for the purpose of God’s glorification and this unity should be like God and Jesus.
AirJ1721(John 17:21) signfies Music from Uganda,Malawi and Nigeria,so listening to mix will be an equivalent of taking a flight to the three destinations.
This Mix is off the Christ Centric Unity Project Based on John 17:21-23

Jump off 2013

Dj S-kam Zac joined forces with a fellow gospel dj called  Dj Achiever (Alpha Deejays) From Kenya to produce the finest ever Gospel music collabo mix .This form of unity of the Gospel music industry clearly defines that its not boundary bound and its dubbed the Djs communion – Jump Off 2013 and it was premiered Live on 98.7 Alpha FM on the Joyride show hosted by Mike Presson.

Read More